• Urticaria is itching of skin with eruptions in the form of wheals all over body.
  • Itchy red patches , especially over arms, thighs, back and abdomen.
  • Itching of the part laid on, aggravated by touch or scratch.
  • Accompanied with nausea, mild cough or irritation of throat.
  • Most of the times it is a sudden acute attack, but it can be a recurrent complaint.

Angioneurotic oedema

  • It is a severe form of allergic skin response, presented with swelling of lips, external genitalia, breathing difficulty.

Causative factors of urticaria

  • It is an allergic response of an individual towards a certain substance (allergen).
  • Allergen can be food material for eg- certain oils, nuts, some pulses, mushrooms, fish or meat.
  • Chemicl contact for eg- soaps, oils, detergents etc.
  • Pollens, grass, pet animals etc.


  • Though it is difficult to find out the exact allergen, it is easy to avoid certain foodstuffs.
  • Avoid new things in diet, local application, and clothing.
  • For angioneurotic oedema one should seek for immediate medical help.

Homoeopathic medicines based on symptom similarity administered at a right time can control the allergic response and prevent recurrence.