Since 10 yrs at our clinic, we have been providing best homoeopathic treatment to thousands of families. Homoeopathy being simple and safe kind of treatment, people may use this medicine for various kinds of ailments ranging from common cold to chronic diseases.

 We are trying to make people free from illnesses by our holistic approach of treatment, for that sake we provide training regarding yogasanas, exercises, diet guidance so as to enhance healthy living.

In today’s day to day lifestyle, many people from different age groups suffer from emotional ups and downs; we do provide Bach- flower therapy.    Along with such method of practice, we do know our limitations and educate people regarding taking care of health.

We aim to take homoeopathic medicine from home to home, person to person.

We and our patients make a huge family and we are looking forward to expand our family.

Health Mantra with Dr. Sheetal Potnis- Patil | Homeopathy | by Dr. Shalaka Joshi | Business Mantra